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We’re glad you made it to our site because it’s scary the number of times companies do not follow their legal obligations, letting their staff (that’s you!) get injured because of a lack of training. With the right training you should hopefully never be injured at work, that’s why we are here, so you know what training you should have in your line of work...

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Make sure you’re safe and check this PDF which outlines the correct legislation your company should be following. Your employer has to provide you with a safe working environment, and provide you with sufficient training for your job role. You should never be expected to do tasks or activities you haven’t been trained to do. It’s actually  against the law to put yourself or others around you at risk. We can provide you with the training to give you confidence in your job role.

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HSE Employer/employee Legislation

Health and safety requirements for staff Registered Centre for Qualsafe Awards First Aid Registered Institute of Conflict Management Quality Award Centre Central YMCA Qualifications CYQ

Together with our associates we are registered to certificate most of our courses through the following awarding bodies:


- Qualsafe Awards



On many courses we can also offer our own certification for the same quality course, reducing the cost of the exam and certification through the awarding body (A cheaper alternative if a National Qualification isn’t required).

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